Prada Mens SS15 Campaign

PRADA-SS15-02-620x833 PRADA-SS15-06-620x834 PRADA-SS15-05-620x834 PRADA-SS15-04-620x831 PRADA-SS15-08-620x836 PRADA-SS15-03-620x830 PRADA-SS15-01-620x833 PRADA-SS15-07-620x816


Models – Ansel Elgort, Ethan Hawke, Jack O’Connell & Miles Teller

Photographer – Craig McDean

Objects knife, orange, dice, prism, compass, pen, lens, pendulum are picked up, moved, balanced. Pensively scrutinized. Familiar things become less than familiar the more they’re looked at. As if the magical forces that make the world seem so normal have, for an indeterminately short time, revealed their strangeness. Stitching is the leitmotiv of the collection. A graphic effect — large, small, in contrasting colours — revolutionizing and mixing classic codes while creating new ones. Modern proportions and silhouettes invoke the 1970s. Not as pastiche but pure peculiarity.


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