Alexander McQueen AW14 Campaign


Model – Edie Campbell

Photographer – Steven Klein

Alexander McQueen AW14 Womenswear RTW Show

Alexander McQueen AW14 Womenswear RTW Backstage Film

Louis Vuitton Series 1 AW14 Campaign


Models - Charlotte Gainsbourg, Liya Kebede, Freja Beha Erichsen & Jean Campbell

Photographer - Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller & Bruce Weber

Louis Vuitton AW14 Womenswear RTW Show

Emporio Armani AW14 Campaign


Models - Amra Cerkezovic, Benthe De Vries & Matt Trethe

Photographer – Boo George

Stylist - Caroline Newell

Hair - Samantha Hillerby

Emporio Armani AW14 Womenswear RTW Show

Emporio Armani AW14 Menswear RTW Show

Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again

Debut single from the extended play mini album ‘Do It Again’.

French Holiday




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AllSaints nautical t-shirt, River Island cut off denim, Chanel graffiti rucksack, Raf Simons X Adidas wedge sneakers, vintage Hackett sunglasses

Acne Studios t-shirt, Topman mesh vest, AllSaints black deck shorts, JuJu jelly sandals, RetroSuperFuture optical glasses, Zara sunglasses, Seiko watch, Moschino i-Phone case, Philips headphones

vintage NFL jersey, Alex Mattsson mesh shorts, JuJu jelly sandals, RetroSuperFuture optical glasses, Seiko watch

I was lucky to spend the past week in the south of France in the lovely and picturesque town of Vinca. It’s the third time I’ve been fortunate to go. The first time I travelled by airplane which was a traumatic experience that has fully scared me for the rest of my life (imagine being sat next to a sweaty Catalonian rugby player who happens to have a fear of flying on a packed Ryanair flight). The second time I travelled by train which was a great way to see the French countryside from a very comfortable seat. This time I went via car which was an experience to say the least. I think it might be the last time I do so without a stop over in Paris.

The reason why I love going to Vinca is it is a beautiful, humble and picturesque, sleepy town. Everyone knows each other and nothing major happens. You can switch off from the hustle of London life and take time to relax and just ‘be’. It reminds me of my childhood growing up on the tiny island of Antigua until the age of 12. My favourite thing to do while I’m there is waking up early and walking to the local boulangerie and picking up a freshly baked flute, baguette and croissants. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked French bread to start your holiday off right.

I enjoyed roaming the streets and alleys of Vinca and capturing the untouched and unspoilt architecture of the town. One of my favourite places to go to in the whole town is a bougainvillea tree that blooms every summer along a brick wall. The flowers are so beautiful and vibrant in person and translates in pictures.

Staying in Vinca I realise that under so much beauty lies a town whose locals are ignorant and against change or anything different to their social norm. The amount of glances, whispers and giggles that were cast my way for being black and dressing in an effeminate/gay manner. Although based in the western world it’s surprising to see that the locals are still backward in their thought process. I can’t believe that in 2014 we are still fighting for equality for gay people and that there is still racial discrimination. It angers me that we still have to fight to be seen as equal especially with the Commonwealth Games taking place in Glasgow. Of the 53 countries participating, 43 of them punish natives for being gay.

I don’t know how this post diverted from fashion but the world is big enough for black and white, gay and straight to live together. It’s time for people to GET A GRIP, GET A LIFE AND GET (THE FUCK) OVER IT! 

Chanel AW14 Campaign


Models - Cara Delevingne & Leona Binx Walton

Photographer – Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel AW14 RTW Show

Etro AW14 Campaign


Models - Karmen Pedaru, Suvi Koponen & Ton Heukels

Photographer - Mario Testino

Stylist - Anastasia Barbieri

Etro AW14 Womenswear RTW Show

Etro AW14 Menswear RTW Show


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